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Diving is just a mode of transportation from a rare medium to a denser medium. On that count, almost any human being can become a diver. But just being able to transport oneself from air into water does not make a commercial diver. A commercial diver is essentially a human being of multifaceted talents. On one hand he has to acquire the skills necessary to enter and remain underwater. On the other hand he has to develop the ability to perform complex technical tasks underwater. All this calls for people of exceptional caliber.






















We choose our divers with care. Only those who demonstrate appreciable technical aptitude apart from underwater skills find employment with us. All prospective applicants have to go through our in-house training programme irrespective of any previous diving experience. We are perhaps the only company in India with a well-defined diver-training programme. Even for the most experienced of our diver, the learning curve never ceases to exist. Refresher courses are organized on a regular basis to keep them abreast of the latest developments in the industry. 
















We employ seventeen full time divers apart from another fifty who are employed on call basis. Some of our divers have over thirty six  years of experience in all fields of diving including mixed gas. We have six highly experienced diving supervisors to oversee the diving operations. Our  Technical Adviser, who has over thirty years of experience in this field, is responsible for the entire diving operations.




























Apart from excellent divers, choice of equipment makes a makes a remarkable difference in any underwater operation











Our equipment are sourced from globally reputed manufacturers. We have in our inventory some of the latest equipment available in the market. Apart from that we have tie-ups with other agencies to lease or rent equipment, as and when required. Our choice of equipment has always been contemporary.














Periodic preventive maintenance is carried out to keep our equipment in good running condition and for immediate deployment at times of need. An inventory of critical spares is maintained to attend to immediate repairs in the vent of outage. We have in-house capability with most of the tools needed for such maintenance.

For more details about the equipment in our stock please write to us at info@abeedive.com.














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