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We provide the following specialized services within the air diving range








Underwater Cutting & Welding.



Underwater Photography.



Underwater Survey.







Assessment of Underwater Structures.



Repairs & Rehabilitation of Underwater Concrete Structures.



Repairs & Rehabilitation of Underwater Hydraulic Structures.







Underwater Demolition.



Harbour Deepening Works.



Underwater Construction.







Non-Destructive Testing.



ROV Intervention.



Underwater Search & Rescue.







Underwater Pipe & Cable Laying.



Underwater Foundation Works.



Erection of Underwater Structures.







Splash Zone Protection Works.



Salvage & Wreck Removal.



Underwater Ship Repairs.







Dredging & Desilting.



Pipeline Cleaning & Maintenance



Biofouling Clearance & Management.




















































If you need more information about any of the services, please e-mail us at info@abeedive.com

If you need a cost estimate for any of the aforementioned services, please e-mail us with details at saibal@abeedive.com



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